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Public Attributes

uart Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

int(* datastate )(struct stlport *portp)
void(* disableintrs )(struct stlport *portp)
void(* enablerxtx )(struct stlport *portp, int rx, int tx)
void(* flowctrl )(struct stlport *portp, int state)
void(* flush )(struct stlport *portp)
int(* getsignals )(struct stlport *portp)
void(* intr )(struct stlpanel *panelp, unsigned int iobase)
int(* panelinit )(struct stlbrd *brdp, struct stlpanel *panelp)
void(* portinit )(struct stlbrd *brdp, struct stlpanel *panelp, struct stlport *portp)
void(* sendbreak )(struct stlport *portp, int len)
void(* sendflow )(struct stlport *portp, int state)
void(* setport )(struct stlport *portp, struct ktermios *tiosp)
void(* setsignals )(struct stlport *portp, int dtr, int rts)
void(* startrxtx )(struct stlport *portp, int rx, int tx)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 477 of file stallion.c.

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