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tmrHw.h File Reference

API definitions for low level Timer driver. More...

#include <csp/stdint.h>
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typedef uint32_t tmrHw_COUNT_t
typedef uint32_t tmrHw_ID_t
typedef uint32_t tmrHw_INTERVAL_t
typedef uint32_t tmrHw_RATE_t




void tmrHw_clearInterrupt (tmrHw_ID_t timerId)
 Clears the interrupt.
void tmrHw_disableInterrupt (tmrHw_ID_t timerId)
 Disables timer interrupt.
void tmrHw_enableInterrupt (tmrHw_ID_t timerId)
 Enables timer interrupt.
tmrHw_RATE_t tmrHw_getCountRate (tmrHw_ID_t timerId) __attribute__((section(".aramtext")))
 Gets timer count rate.
tmrHw_COUNT_t tmrHw_GetCurrentCount (tmrHw_ID_t timerId) __attribute__((section(".aramtext")))
 Gets current timer count.
tmrHw_ID_t tmrHw_getInterruptSource (void)
 Indentifies a timer causing interrupt.
tmrHw_INTERRUPT_STATUS_e tmrHw_getInterruptStatus (tmrHw_ID_t timerId)
 Gets the interrupt status.
uint32_t tmrHw_getTimerCapability (tmrHw_ID_t timerId, tmrHw_CAPABILITY_e capability)
 Get timer capability.
void tmrHw_printDebugInfo (tmrHw_ID_t timerId, int(*fpPrint)(const char *,...))
 Displays specific timer registers.
tmrHw_RATE_t tmrHw_setFreeRunningTimer (tmrHw_ID_t timerId, uint32_t divider) __attribute__((section(".aramtext")))
 Configures a timer to run as a free running timer.
tmrHw_INTERVAL_t tmrHw_setOneshotTimerInterval (tmrHw_ID_t timerId, tmrHw_INTERVAL_t msec)
 Configures a periodic timer to generate timer interrupt just once after certain time interval.
tmrHw_INTERVAL_t tmrHw_setPeriodicTimerInterval (tmrHw_ID_t timerId, tmrHw_INTERVAL_t msec)
 Configures a periodic timer to generate timer interrupt after certain time interval.
tmrHw_RATE_t tmrHw_setPeriodicTimerRate (tmrHw_ID_t timerId, tmrHw_RATE_t rate)
 Configures a periodic timer in terms of timer interrupt rate.
int tmrHw_startTimer (tmrHw_ID_t timerId) __attribute__((section(".aramtext")))
 Starts a timer.
int tmrHw_stopTimer (tmrHw_ID_t timerId)
 Stops a timer.
void tmrHw_udelay (tmrHw_ID_t timerId, unsigned long usecs) __attribute__((section(".aramtext")))
 Use a timer to perform a busy wait delay for a number of usecs.

Detailed Description

API definitions for low level Timer driver.

Definition in file tmrHw.h.

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