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#include <linux/mmc/host.h>

struct device;

/* board specific SDHC data, optional.
 * If not present, a writable card with 3,3V is assumed.
00011 struct imxmmc_platform_data {
      /* Return values for the get_ro callback should be:
       *   0 for a read/write card
       *   1 for a read-only card
       *   -ENOSYS when not supported (equal to NULL callback)
       *   or a negative errno value when something bad happened
      int (*get_ro)(struct device *);

      /* board specific hook to (de)initialize the SD slot.
       * The board code can call 'handler' on a card detection
       * change giving data as argument.
      int (*init)(struct device *dev, irq_handler_t handler, void *data);
      void (*exit)(struct device *dev, void *data);

      /* available voltages. If not given, assume
       * MMC_VDD_32_33 | MMC_VDD_33_34
      unsigned int ocr_avail;

      /* adjust slot voltage */
      void (*setpower)(struct device *, unsigned int vdd);

      /* enable card detect using DAT3 */
      int dat3_card_detect;


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