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#ifndef __MACH_SPI_H_
#define __MACH_SPI_H_

 * struct spi_imx_master - device.platform_data for SPI controller devices.
 * @chipselect: Array of chipselects for this master. Numbers >= 0 mean gpio
 *              pins, numbers < 0 mean internal CSPI chipselects according
 *              to MXC_SPI_CS(). Normally you want to use gpio based chip
 *              selects as the CSPI module tries to be intelligent about
 *              when to assert the chipselect: The CSPI module deasserts the
 *              chipselect once it runs out of input data. The other problem
 *              is that it is not possible to mix between high active and low
 *              active chipselects on one single bus using the internal
 *              chipselects. Unfortunately Freescale decided to put some
 *              chipselects on dedicated pins which are not usable as gpios,
 *              so we have to support the internal chipselects.
 * @num_chipselect: ARRAY_SIZE(chipselect)
00020 struct spi_imx_master {
      int   *chipselect;
      int   num_chipselect;

#define MXC_SPI_CS(no)  ((no) - 32)

#endif /* __MACH_SPI_H_*/

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