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 * Copyright 2004-2009 Analog Devices Inc.
 * Licensed under the GPL-2 or later.


/* only used when MTD_UCLINUX */
extern unsigned long memory_mtd_start, memory_mtd_end, mtd_size;

extern unsigned long _ramstart, _ramend, _rambase;
extern unsigned long memory_start, memory_end, physical_mem_end;

 * The weak markings on the lengths might seem weird, but this is required
 * in order to make gcc accept the fact that these may actually have a value
 * of 0 (since they aren't actually addresses, but sizes of sections).
extern char _stext_l1[], _etext_l1[], _text_l1_lma[], __weak _text_l1_len[];
extern char _sdata_l1[], _edata_l1[], _sbss_l1[], _ebss_l1[],
      _data_l1_lma[], __weak _data_l1_len[];
extern char _data_lma[], _data_len[], _sinitdata[], _einitdata[], _init_data_lma[], _init_data_len[];
extern char _sdata_b_l1[], _edata_b_l1[], _sbss_b_l1[], _ebss_b_l1[],
      _data_b_l1_lma[], __weak _data_b_l1_len[];
extern char _stext_l2[], _etext_l2[], _sdata_l2[], _edata_l2[],
      _sbss_l2[], _ebss_l2[], _l2_lma[], __weak _l2_len[];

#include <asm/mem_map.h>

/* Blackfin systems have discontinuous memory map and no virtualized memory */
static inline int arch_is_kernel_text(unsigned long addr)
            (L1_CODE_LENGTH &&
             addr >= (unsigned long)_stext_l1 &&
             addr <  (unsigned long)_etext_l1)
            (L2_LENGTH &&
             addr >= (unsigned long)_stext_l2 &&
             addr <  (unsigned long)_etext_l2);
#define arch_is_kernel_text(addr) arch_is_kernel_text(addr)

static inline int arch_is_kernel_data(unsigned long addr)
            (L1_DATA_A_LENGTH &&
             addr >= (unsigned long)_sdata_l1 &&
             addr <  (unsigned long)_ebss_l1)
            (L1_DATA_B_LENGTH &&
             addr >= (unsigned long)_sdata_b_l1 &&
             addr <  (unsigned long)_ebss_b_l1)
            (L2_LENGTH &&
             addr >= (unsigned long)_sdata_l2 &&
             addr <  (unsigned long)_ebss_l2);
#define arch_is_kernel_data(addr) arch_is_kernel_data(addr)

#include <asm-generic/sections.h>


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