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#include <hwregs/asm/reg_map_asm.h>
#include <hwregs/asm/gio_defs_asm.h>
#include <hwregs/asm/pio_defs_asm.h>
#include <hwregs/asm/clkgen_defs_asm.h>
#include <hwregs/asm/pinmux_defs_asm.h>

      .macro GIO_SET_P BITS, OUTREG
      bmi   1f          ; btstq: bit -> N flag
      or.d  \BITS, \OUTREG

      .macro GIO_INIT
      move.d      CONFIG_ETRAX_DEF_GIO_PA_OUT, $r0
      move.d      REG_ADDR(gio, regi_gio, rw_pa_dout), $r1
      move.d      $r0, [$r1]

      move.d      CONFIG_ETRAX_DEF_GIO_PA_OE, $r0
      move.d      REG_ADDR(gio, regi_gio, rw_pa_oe), $r1
      move.d      $r0, [$r1]

      move.d      CONFIG_ETRAX_DEF_GIO_PB_OUT, $r0
      move.d      REG_ADDR(gio, regi_gio, rw_pb_dout), $r1
      move.d      $r0, [$r1]

      move.d      CONFIG_ETRAX_DEF_GIO_PB_OE, $r0
      move.d      REG_ADDR(gio, regi_gio, rw_pb_oe), $r1
      move.d      $r0, [$r1]

      move.d      CONFIG_ETRAX_DEF_GIO_PC_OUT, $r0
      move.d      REG_ADDR(gio, regi_gio, rw_pc_dout), $r1
      move.d      $r0, [$r1]

      move.d      CONFIG_ETRAX_DEF_GIO_PC_OE, $r0
      move.d      REG_ADDR(gio, regi_gio, rw_pc_oe), $r1
      move.d      $r0, [$r1]

      move.d      0xFFFFFFFF, $r0
      move.d      REG_ADDR(pinmux, regi_pinmux, rw_gio_pa), $r1
      move.d      $r0, [$r1]
      move.d      REG_ADDR(pinmux, regi_pinmux, rw_gio_pc), $r1
      move.d      $r0, [$r1]

      ;; If eth_mdio, eth, geth bits are set in hwprot, don't
      ;; set them to gpio, as this means they have been configured
      ;; earlier and shouldn't be changed.
      move.d      0xFC000000, $r2 ; pins 25..0 are eth_mdio, eth, geth
      move.d      REG_ADDR(pinmux, regi_pinmux, rw_hwprot), $r1
      move.d      [$r1], $r0
      btstq REG_BIT(pinmux, rw_hwprot, eth), $r0
      GIO_SET_P 0x00FFFF00, $r2           ;; pins 8..23 are eth
      btstq REG_BIT(pinmux, rw_hwprot, eth_mdio), $r0
      GIO_SET_P 0x03000000, $r2           ;; pins 24..25 are eth_mdio
      btstq REG_BIT(pinmux, rw_hwprot, geth), $r0
      GIO_SET_P 0x000000FF, $r2           ;; pins 0..7 are geth
      move.d      REG_ADDR(pinmux, regi_pinmux, rw_gio_pb), $r1
      move.d      $r2, [$r1]

      .macro START_CLOCKS
      move.d REG_ADDR(clkgen, regi_clkgen, rw_clk_ctrl), $r1
      move.d [$r1], $r0
      or.d REG_STATE(clkgen, rw_clk_ctrl, cpu, yes) | \
           REG_STATE(clkgen, rw_clk_ctrl, ddr2, yes) | \
           REG_STATE(clkgen, rw_clk_ctrl, memarb_bar_ddr, yes), $r0
      move.d $r0, [$r1]

      .macro SETUP_WAIT_STATES
      move.d REG_ADDR(pio, regi_pio, rw_ce0_cfg), $r0
      move.d CONFIG_ETRAX_PIO_CE0_CFG, $r1
      move.d $r1, [$r0]
      move.d REG_ADDR(pio, regi_pio, rw_ce1_cfg), $r0
      move.d CONFIG_ETRAX_PIO_CE1_CFG, $r1
      move.d $r1, [$r0]
      move.d REG_ADDR(pio, regi_pio, rw_ce2_cfg), $r0
      move.d CONFIG_ETRAX_PIO_CE2_CFG, $r1
      move.d $r1, [$r0]

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