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#ifndef __MACH_MXC_SDMA_H__
#define __MACH_MXC_SDMA_H__

 * struct sdma_script_start_addrs - SDMA script start pointers
 * start addresses of the different functions in the physical
 * address space of the SDMA engine.
00010 struct sdma_script_start_addrs {
      s32 ap_2_ap_addr;
      s32 ap_2_bp_addr;
      s32 ap_2_ap_fixed_addr;
      s32 bp_2_ap_addr;
      s32 loopback_on_dsp_side_addr;
      s32 mcu_interrupt_only_addr;
      s32 firi_2_per_addr;
      s32 firi_2_mcu_addr;
      s32 per_2_firi_addr;
      s32 mcu_2_firi_addr;
      s32 uart_2_per_addr;
      s32 uart_2_mcu_addr;
      s32 per_2_app_addr;
      s32 mcu_2_app_addr;
      s32 per_2_per_addr;
      s32 uartsh_2_per_addr;
      s32 uartsh_2_mcu_addr;
      s32 per_2_shp_addr;
      s32 mcu_2_shp_addr;
      s32 ata_2_mcu_addr;
      s32 mcu_2_ata_addr;
      s32 app_2_per_addr;
      s32 app_2_mcu_addr;
      s32 shp_2_per_addr;
      s32 shp_2_mcu_addr;
      s32 mshc_2_mcu_addr;
      s32 mcu_2_mshc_addr;
      s32 spdif_2_mcu_addr;
      s32 mcu_2_spdif_addr;
      s32 asrc_2_mcu_addr;
      s32 ext_mem_2_ipu_addr;
      s32 descrambler_addr;
      s32 dptc_dvfs_addr;
      s32 utra_addr;
      s32 ram_code_start_addr;

 * struct sdma_platform_data - platform specific data for SDMA engine
 * @sdma_version  The version of this SDMA engine
 * @cpu_name            used to generate the firmware name
 * @to_version          CPU Tape out version
 * @script_addrs  SDMA scripts addresses in SDMA ROM
00056 struct sdma_platform_data {
      int sdma_version;
      char *cpu_name;
      int to_version;
      struct sdma_script_start_addrs *script_addrs;

#endif /* __MACH_MXC_SDMA_H__ */

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