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stat64 Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

unsigned int __pad0
unsigned char __pad0 [4]
unsigned char __pad1 [4]
unsigned long long __pad1
unsigned int __pad1
unsigned long __pad1
unsigned char __pad2 [4]
int __pad2
unsigned int __pad2
unsigned short __pad2
unsigned long __pad3
unsigned char __pad3 [4]
unsigned int __pad3
unsigned long __pad4
unsigned char __pad4 [4]
unsigned long __pad5
unsigned long __st_ino
unsigned int __st_ino
long __unused [3]
unsigned long __unused1
unsigned long __unused2
unsigned long __unused4
unsigned long long __unused4
unsigned int __unused4
unsigned long __unused5
unsigned int __unused5
unsigned int st_atime
signed int st_atime
unsigned long st_atime
int st_atime
unsigned long st_atime_nsec
unsigned int st_atime_nsec
unsigned int st_blksize
int st_blksize
signed int st_blksize
unsigned long st_blksize
unsigned long long st_blocks
long long st_blocks
unsigned int st_blocks
unsigned long st_blocks
signed long long st_blocks
unsigned int st_ctime
unsigned long st_ctime
signed int st_ctime
int st_ctime
unsigned long st_ctime_nsec
unsigned int st_ctime_nsec
unsigned long st_dev
unsigned short st_dev
unsigned long long st_dev
unsigned long st_gid
unsigned int st_gid
unsigned long st_ino
unsigned long long st_ino
unsigned int st_mode
unsigned int st_mtime
unsigned long st_mtime
signed int st_mtime
int st_mtime
unsigned long st_mtime_nsec
unsigned int st_mtime_nsec
unsigned int st_nlink
unsigned long long st_rdev
unsigned short st_rdev
unsigned long st_rdev
long long st_size
signed long long st_size
long st_size
unsigned int st_uid
unsigned long st_uid

Detailed Description

Definition at line 25 of file stat.h.

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